Government House Kitchen

Kitchen Garden products are all grown on the Estate. Garden staff work closely with Kitchen colleagues
throughout the year. Seasonal harvesting ensures that highest quality vegetables, fruit, herbs and spices are prepared in the Kitchen as condiments, relishes, jams and sauces. And our bees create delicious honey!

Only selected Kitchen Garden products are available online due to seasonal variability. To view the full range at the Government House shop, book one of our tours or contact us for a private appointment.

Government House Kitchen products are only available for local pickup.

The Kitchen Garden is also an important part of the Governor’s Community Engagement role. Fresh fruit and vegetables, along with meals prepared in the Government House Kitchen using the Garden produce, are distributed to local community organisations to assist Tasmanians most in need. Annually over 500kg of food is distributed to community organisations such as the Salvation Army, Hobart City Mission and Foodbank